1. What information will I need from you, my client?

Before I can start working on a project I need to know as much as possible about the document the client wants translated (the source document): its context, audience, goal, specific terminology.
Our first conversation allows me to gain a better understanding of the target audience and to word my translation accordingly.
Besides, I might also need you to refer me to someone within your organisation in case I have some questions or need clarifications during the translation process.

2. What can I expect when working with you?

Here is how it usually works:
• If you are looking for a translator, contact me directly or fill out the online contact form. In order to provide you with a quote, I will need to receive a copy of the document you want translated.
• I will provide you with a firm quote within 24 hours. All quotes are guaranteed for a month and detail the service requested and if an external quality check is needed.
• Once you have accepted the quote (by signing and returning it via email), I will translate or proofread your documents.
• Once the work is completed, I review it thoroughly. In some cases, or upon request from your side, I will arrange for a quality check by an external proofreader, though that will be defined in the quote already.
• I send you the final translation on the agreed date (and often before) along with my invoice for services.
• Standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

3. How long will it take to translate my text?

That depends on the complexity of your project and its format. I usually translate 350 finished words per hour (proofreading included), but a translation can take a lot longer if I need to do extensive terminology research, work with a non-standard file format or reproduce a complicated layout. 
That is why I must see the whole document to provide an accurate quote. It allows me to estimate the time I need to complete the assignment. Once I give you a deadline, there will be no surprises.

Besides, I am equipped with SDL Trados Studio which allows me to work efficiently, qualitatively and quickly. SDL Trados Studio is a CAT tool (computer assisted translation tool) used by over 225,000 translation professionals. It provides a range of sophisticated features to help complete projects more quickly and easily. It allows me to work on many different file formats directly such as: Microsoft word, excel, pdf, powerpoint, openoffice, PDF, etc.

4. How will I pay you?

You can pay me either via bank transfer or via paypal. Ask for my details.

5. A colleague of mine spent 6 months in the country where the language is spoken, why can’t he translate the document?

Translation is not merely the transfer of words from one language to another but the transfer of meaning, of a message. Therefore a translator needs excellent skills in both their foreign and their native language, in-depth cultural knowledge about the countries where their languages are spoken and often additional training in their area(s) of specialisation.
I have a degree in Applied Foreign Languages, specialising in Economics and Marketing and I regularly refresh my skills with courses from the City University of London or programs made available via the international network of professional translators, Proz.com, or the Syndicat Français des Traducteurs (the French Professional Translators’ Union).